Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin - otherwise known as BOTOX® is a neurotoxic protein that is commercially used for medical and cosmetic purposes. In the world of Medical Aesthetics Botox is used to minimize and restrict muscle movements that cause wrinkles and lines, by ‘relaxing’ the muscle.


Botox is extremely helpful in slowing down the aging process and showing signs of wrinkles. It is also popular in treating certain medical conditions such as excessive sweating and tension migraines, or TMJ pain.


After your initial consultation, The Beautox Nurse will determine which areas and treatment would work best for you. Botox would then be carefully injected into the superficial layers of the skin targeting the muscles that are causing the wrinkles and lines - resulting in a young, wrinkle free face. Results begin to show immediately afterwards, but maximum results appear 4-14 days post treatment.

Botox provides temporary relaxation of the muscles, so typically results last between 3-4 months after your procedure.


The Beautox Nurse Provides Treatment in the following areas:

Frontalis (horizontal forehead lines when your eyebrows are raised)

Crows Feet (smiling lines around the eyes)


Patysmal bands


Necklace line


Nefertiti lift 


Glabella Lines (frown lines)


Bunny Lines (bridge of the nose)


Depressor Anguli Oris (sad lines)


Mentalis (orange peel chin)


Smokers Lines/Bleeding Lines


Gummy Smile

We also offer the following specialty treatments:

Hyperhidrosis (to reduce excessive underarm sweating)

Masseter muscles (helps to slim the jawline)

Brow Lift (mandatory review required 14 days after treatment)


  1. What is the difference between BT and Botox? There is no difference between the two. Botox is the commercially known brand for BT, which stands for Botulinum Toxin. The official term to be used is ‘Botulinum Toxin Injections’ but the industry has often substituted this term for ‘Botox’.

  2. How does it work? Botulinum Toxin (BT)  a neurotoxic protein that is commercially used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Through small injections into the muscle, the toxin blocks the natural chemical Acetylcholine that we produce in our bodies which cause our muscles to contract. Through this, we can successfully minimize and restrict muscle movements that cause wrinkles and lines, by ‘relaxing’ the muscle.

  3. Where can I get a treatment done? The Beautox Nurse has two convenient locations available for you. One is located in Vaughan, the other is in Toronto. Feel free to book an appointment by clicking here, and request the location that is suitable for you.

  4. What is the process of getting the treatment? First you would have to fill out our online booking form by clicking here, or e-mail Miriam at to set up your first consultation at a mutually convenient time. Upon arrival, you will fill out an intake form, and then Miriam will sit down with you to discuss your cosmetic concerns, and the best course of action. You will have the option to continue with the treatment at that time, or you can take some time to think and reschedule for another time.

  5. How long does it last? Treatments typically last between 3 - 6 months. In order to maintain the desired effects, ‘top-ups’ are suggested. Botox is not a ‘one time fix’.

  6. What are the side effects from treatment? Botox treatments are extremely safe and side effects are very rare, as it is only administered to your muscles and/or sweat glands. During every consultation, Miriam does a complete medical work-up to ensure there are no allergies or side-effects to the toxin. Additionally, Miriam is a Registered Nurse through the College of Nurses of Ontario, so you can be assured that all medical and safety practices will be adhered to.

  7. Does it hurt? The treatment is extremely fast and the needles are very small. It is very rare that a patient will need to use numbing cream or have a local anesthetic administered. Many patients have even commented that they “barely felt anything” with The Beautox Nurse.

  8. How long does the treatment take? This depends on how much work is being done, but typically treatments can take anywhere between 20 - 45 minutes.