What are Threadlifts?

PDO thread lifts. This is a quick treatment that is non-invasive and offers natural looking results.

The threads are synthetic, absorbable surgical sutures composed of polydioxanone (PDO).

These PDO sutures are made from surgical grade materials which are accepted well within the body.

The treatment creates an instant lift, as well as the benefit of the natural inflammatory process which encourages natural collagen production.

They can be inserted under the eyes, into eyebrows (to create a lift), for mouth lines, to fill or lift

cheeks, to fill nasolabial folds, along the jaw line to tighten, foxeyebrow or cheek lift, or to treat jowls, as well as knees, breasts - anywhere you want a little oomph and lift.


Fox Eye Lift

This treatment is also known as the cats eye-lift, which gives a subtle slant upwards to the outer brow area, which results in lifting and elongates the upper eyelid creating a beautiful almond eye shape. 

The fox eye thread lift procedure can be used as a subtle solution for other eye concerns such as:

  • a heavy brow

  • asymmetry (one brow only can be lifted to correct symmetry)

  • hooded lids (heavy eyelids which can develop with age to create a more ‘awake’ and refreshed eye area)

The threads also stimulate collagen production, further enhancing the results over the coming months.



To counteract age-related sagging around the jawline and the formation of jowls, targeted PDO threads will elevate the skin of the lower face to give you more definition in this area and a more attractive look. Sagging around the chin and jawline occurs due to a loss of elasticity in the skin tissues, causing skin to hang, rather than follow the contours of your facial structure. This laxity can be easily corrected with a skin-tightening jaw line thread lift to restore your former looks and give you more confidence in how you look.