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Is He a Boobs or Butt Kind of Guy?

Woman in black dress that hugs her buttocks is looking into man in tuxedo’s eyes

Who cares?!

What matters is how you feel and what you want for your body.

As for The Beautox Nurse, she says buttocks all the way.

Fortunate or not some of us are blessed with a bubbly butt that manages to stay voluminous no matter the years that go by. For everyone else who lacks definition, has sagginess or wants more contour, the Sculptra butt lift may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is Sculptra for buttocks?

Sculptra for buttocks is a non-surgical procedure that will increase the shape of your bottom. This treatment uses dermal filler, Sculptra, which is injected deeply into the buttock area to initiate collagen production. It has become increasingly popular due to its convenience, low risk of complications, and voluptuously natural results.

Woman's butt with lines and arrows showing where a Sculptra buttock injection would go

Sculptra Nitty Gritty

  • FDA Approved

  • Will eventually be metabolized by the body (this is good knowing it isn’t permanent but also sucks because I know you’ll be happy with your new butt lift and won’t want it to go away!)

  • Customizable to the individual depending on what the client wants to focus on

  • Zero incisions, this procedure is non-surgical

  • Almost no downtime

  • Again, it will metabolize in the body lasting up to two years but then would need re-treatment

  • Every body is different so every client needs a different amount of vials for injection, a consultation is needed to determine what is right for you and your desired look

  • Possible bruising, development of nodules, imbalance (that’s why it’s essential to book with an experienced and certified injector)

Just like any medical aesthetic treatment, it’s so important to find an Injector who is properly trained and has experience in Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL). A good Injector will do a proper consultation mapping out a plan that serves you and your body. They will let you know that although possible to achieve desired results after one treatment, it is more likely that you will need two or three.

Your Injector should also emphasize the importance of waiting 4-6 weeks before seeking your next treatment and, once your series is complete, letting you know that results will last up to 2 years. Also, as much as exercise is invaluable to maintaining good health, be sure to wait at least 24 hours before any strenuous activity.

By listening to your qualified Injector you’ll be bouncing around with a new booty in no time.

Confident woman walking down street in form-fitting clothes showing contour around her buttocks

One of the most amazing effects after getting a BBL is the confidence you will feel and the desire to wear form-fitting clothes with pride. Taking care of how you feel in your own skin is the biggest lift you could ever get.

Whether you turn eyes with your boobs or not, after a Sculptra buttocks lift you’ll shake what your mama gave ya no matter who is looking.

Wondering if a Sculptra buttocks lift will turn your butt from blah to ah-ha?! Then book a FREE consultation or check out the rest of MY WEBSITE for more information.


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