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Add a little OOMPH to your eyes

Come see Miriam for a cat eye or fox eye lift
Add An Oomph To Your Eyes

The cat eye is one of the oldest makeup trends in the world, dating back to ancient Egypt (from 3100 BC to 332 BC). The look was popular with Nefertiti and Cleopatra, who used minerals such as copper ore and malachite to create thick lines etched from the eye upwards to the hairline. Since then, women have been trying to achieve that foxy cat eye with makeup eyeliners, but now there is another way to achieve that eye-lifting effect without makeup.

Non-Surgical Cat Eye or Fox Eye Lift

The Cat Eye Lift, also known as the 'fox eye lift,' is a treatment that gives a subtle, upwards slant to the outer brow area. By lifting and elongating the upper eyelid, a beautiful almond-shaped eye results.

It’s a trend, but it’s important to remember that it is a medical procedure - not something to be taken lightly. It is a good idea to ask your practitioner to see before and after photos.

The Beautox Nurse uses PDO Threads for our Cat Eye Lift.

The PDO thread lift is a quick, non-invasive treatment that offers natural-looking results. The synthetic threads are absorbable surgical sutures composed of polydioxanone (PDO). These threads are held inside a tiny cylinder that is inserted into the skin. As it is removed, the PDO thread pulls the loose tissue to lift the skin and make it tighter. This treatment creates an instant lift, and the natural inflammatory response will encourage collagen production over the following months.​

This procedure can also be used as a solution for other eye concerns, including:

  • a heavy brow

  • asymmetry (only one brow is lifted)

  • hooded lids (heavy eyelids that often develop with age)

Advantages of a Non-Surgical Cat/Fox Eye Lift

Immediate Results - You can immediately see the effects. Right after the procedure, they look dramatic, but as they settle in, your eyebrows will look more lifted, and your eyes will have a more defined outer corner, giving you the “cat eye” effect!

No Downtime - recovery time is close to nothing. You can go back to your daily life after the treatment. There will be some swelling and tenderness, but generally speaking, clients are able to smile, eat, and talk after their treatment.

Non-Surgical lift – Cat eye lifts done with PDO threads are the natural alternative to brow lift surgery.

It won’t last forever - Yes, this is an advantage. Your body naturally metabolizes the threads, and they dissolve away. The PDO threads stimulate collagen synthesis, and the structure the threads create can last up to 18 months.

I absolutely LOVE helping my clients feel happy and confident in the skin they're in. I love guiding them through the process and making sure they are always happy. My approach to beauty is to enhance and refresh one's features to be the best version and representation of what it could be.”

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