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Hi, I'm Miriam Samuel, aka The Beautox Nurse. I graduated at the top of my class from York University's Nursing Program and started my career as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, until I fell head over heels for the world of injections! Now, I'm a Certified Medical Aesthetic Injector professional through APT Medical Aesthetics.

I'm dedicated to staying at the forefront of the medical aesthetic community, always researching new techniques and methods. This allows me to provide you with the most cutting-edge knowledge and treatments available. I believe that continuous learning is essential in delivering the best possible results. But do you know what really lights up my syringe? It's the power of making my clients feel like a million bucks in their own skin! Watching your transformations unfold before my eyes gives me incredible joy and fulfillment.


When you're in my chair, expect nothing short of a fun, welcoming experience. I'm all about precision and care, leaving no wrinkle unsmoothed! With my expertise, I create a space where you can feel totally at ease and comfortable.


Are you ready to embark on a journey that empowers you to feel more confident and beautiful inside out? Buckle up because together, we're going to unleash your gorgeousness like never before.


Discover What Our Previous Clients Have to Say!

Miriam has been so helpful and knowledgeable in what my face needs. She NEVER pushes any products and works with my goals. Her approach is gentle and affective. I am so pleased with her service, and can’t wait for next appointment. 100% trust worthy!"

Karine P

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