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YOUR Toronto area Botox and injectables Clinic

The Injectable and Aesthetic Clinic that lifts you up
with three locations in Toronto to serve you.

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Our botox and injectables TREATMENTS

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Used to minimize muscle movements that cause wrinkles and lines.

A top trend in cosmetic medicine, often replacing liposuction and face lifts, for those that don't want to go under the knife.


This non-surgical BBL adds volume to your glutes by stimulating collagen production, thus producing natural results.

A quick, non-invasive treatment that creates instant lift benefiting the natural inflammatory process to encourage collagen production.

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A gel-like substance that's injected into the skin to enhance facial features.

Given via an IV line, this therapy restores the bodies deficiencies of vitamins and minerals to help in healing, energy levels, migraines, and cognitive function.

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Popular for those experiencing hair loss, commonly done to increase hair cell growth through a simple blood draw and placement into a centrifuge.

Before & After treatment
from our Toronto area clients

Check out these amazing before and after transformations!

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Who is The Beautox Nurse?

Miriam Samuel was determined to use her talent with injectables to provide clients with confidence and beauty.  She opened her first The Beautox Nurse location in 2019 with profound success, which lead to opening her second location in 2020.



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