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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, The Beautox Nurse Can Make Fat Disappear for You!

The Beautox Nurse, Miriam Samuel, is wearing a fancy black dress and blowing a kiss to the client.

For so long you’ve been wishing to get rid of that excess fat stored under your chin, or you’ve noticed it under your bra line, or hanging out on the outer thigh area. Working out doesn’t seem to help and you’re making relatively healthy eating choices but, for whatever reason, this fat accumulation seems to have crept up out of nowhere.

You just wish it would go away.

AND…SNAP…Just like that you find out about Kybella, make an appointment with The Beautox Nurse and your fat starts to melt away right before your eyes.

Ok, so there are a few steps in between but really it is quite simple. For instance, you should educate yourself as much as you can about the treatment so that you feel comfortable and prepared. This includes finding a trusted and qualified injector that will take the time to explain what Kybella is, what it does, what you can expect, and whether or not it’s right for you. Be sure to ask lots of questions so that you understand what your treatment plan will include.

The Beautox Nurse, Miriam Samuel, is looking over the should of one of her clients as she answers questions and fills out paperwork for her Kybella treatment.

Deoxycholic Acid is naturally produced in your body to help break down and absorb fat, Kybella provides a synthetic version to expedite this process. The fat cells are eliminated and, once desired aesthetic goals are met (up to 6 treatments) you won’t have to worry about fat in that area any longer.

The Quick and Dirty About Kybella

  • It’s also known as Deoxycholic Acid therapy

  • It is Health Canada approved and has been used for years in helping to eliminate fat in unwanted areas.

  • It is a colorless liquid that is injected into the area(s) where unwanted fat cells have accumulated.

  • Has gained in popularity over liposuction and fat excision due to its non-surgical, minimally invasive method.

  • Once the final session (anywhere from 4-6, at least 1 month apart, depending on the individual) is complete, results should be permanent.

  • Very little to no downtime, you can return to your regular life post-treatment.

It’s completely normal to feel nervous or even scared before receiving treatment, but you should take comfort in knowing that you’ve chosen a qualified injector who is experienced, patient, and comforting. The Beautox Nurse applies a numbing cream that is left on for approximately 20 minutes before the treatment begins. It is also possible to add lidocaine to the Kybella to reduce pain even more. You can expect to receive several small injections depending on how much fat is in the area being treated.

Medical Aesthetic Injector holding a needle with one hand and with the other hand holding the fatty skin under a man’s chin.

Most clients experience little to no pain at all during the session and once finished swelling and numbness should be expected. With each passing week, both of these side effects will continuously decrease until you’re left with less fat than before the treatment started.

Like any medical treatment, it is important to note the varying types of side effects that could occur.Clients may experience some numbness, bruising, and swelling, these are all quite common. It is also possible to have contouring abnormalities, weakness in facial muscles, a hard time swallowing, or nerve injury; these are not common but should still be considered.

Reflection in a long mirror of a woman standing in her underwear lifting up her shirt and looking at her body.

When thinking about getting a Kybella injection, most people, Khloe Kardashian included, target the chin and jawline. However, Kybella can also be used to dissolve fat in smaller areas of the body such as around the armpits, the lower part of your belly, on your back, and around your bra line. Be sure to know exactly the area(s) you would like to target and communicate clearly with your Injector.

You’ve made the wish and now it’s time for it to come true. Eliminate those unwanted fat cells for good, and schedule a FREE initial consultation. The Beautox Nurse is ready to fulfill your fat-melting dream today.

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