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Say No to Duck Lips and Yes to Pucker Up Lips

Woman holding cut-out hearts and puckering her lips

Lip filler seemed like all the rage for so long, especially among celebrities. Like Lay’s potato chips, where you can’t eat just one, people couldn’t stop going in for more and more filler.

Then it happened. QUACK QUACK. Duck lips.

A duck in water with his mouth open giving a visual to the term duck lips which can be avoided if the right amount of filler is used.

One by one, it seemed like people’s faces were being consumed by their lips. If you were on the outside you wondered, why on earth are they continuing to add filler?! If you were one of the people overfilling your lips, you either: 1. Didn’t realize it and needed someone to tell you honestly how they looked, or 2. Realized they were too full but didn’t know what to do about it!

Luckily, my clients, had me to give an honest evaluation to help them scale back and restart. As The Beautox Nurse, I pride myself on enhancing the natural beauty of my clients and speaking frankly about their wants and their needs.

No one needs to overfill, and if you have, I’m here to help.


Filler migrates when the hyaluronic acid moves from the injection area to an unintended spot, creating an unbalanced and unnatural look. There are a couple of reasons this might happen:

  1. Your injector used bad technique

  2. Too much product was used


With the increased demand of medical aesthetic services, injectors seem to be popping up out of nowhere; with or without the proper training. As with anything, be sure to do your due diligence in researching your injector, read reviews, ask for referrals from friends, ask your injector a few key questions:

  • What training did you receive?

  • How long have you been injecting? And for what areas?

  • What injectables do you offer and what’s the difference between them?

  • Do you have some before/after photos of this treatment that you’ve done?

Asking some questions can make you feel more comfortable with your injector while providing information as to their experience and expertise. You should always feel that you are in the right hands, confident that you will end up with the results discussed in your consultation.

Red flag waving in the air signaling time to stop using too much lip filler


When you start seeing some lumps and bumps on your lips the red flag should be waving. STOP! Go directly to an injector that you trust and share how many treatments you have had so far and, if you know, how much has been injected. A good injector will be able to evaluate your situation and provide a solution.


Whether it’s due to overfilling or migrating filler, all is not lost. It’s time to dissolve those lips with hyaluronidase. Having your lips dissolved is like pushing the reset button, especially if you don’t like the results of the filler treatment.

At your appointment, hyaluronidase, a replica of a natural enzyme found in your body, will be injected into the area you want to be corrected and it will break down the filler that was originally used. As your injector should have told you, filler is temporary, only lasting approximately 3 months. The process of dissolving filler simply fast-forwards those longer-term results so that they go back to your original look.

Woman wearing a red hat that covers her eyes showing off her beautiful, full red lips


No one wants super thin, barely there lips. No one wants super big, they look like duck lips either. My job as The Beautox Nurse is to give your lips a plumpness that exudes confidence and sexiness.

There’s no room for duck lips at my beauty boutique, only naturally beautiful pucker-up lips.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day you’re preparing those lips for, so book a FREE initial consultation with The Beautox Nurse. She’ll have those lips ready for whatever comes at them next.


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