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Hey there!

If this is your first time visiting my site, I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Miriam, and I am "The Beautox Nurse."

What began as a passion project soon became my very own business.

My journey started in 2017 when I graduated from York University’s Nursing Program and became a certified Registered Nurse through the College of Nurses of Ontario. After having 3 children of my own, my heart was pulling me towards delivering babies. So I have been practicing as a Labour and Delivery Nurse at one of Toronto’s most prestigious hospitals ever since.

I soon developed a strong interest in Medical aesthetics and decided to pursue my passion for injections by studying under the great Dr. Mark Baily. In 2019, I became a Certified Medical Injector through API Medical Aesthetics and soon after launched “The Beautox Nurse.”

I absolutely LOVE helping my clients feel happy and confident in the skin they're in. I love guiding them through the process and making sure they are always happy. My approach to beauty is to enhance and refresh one's features to be the best version and representation of what it could be.

I hope one day I'll get to meet you in my clinic.

But for now, keep following along on my blog or on Instagram. My goal is to post information for my clients on the latest treatments and techniques as well as my experiences in the medical aesthetics field. Or,

If there is something else you would like to know, please drop a comment below - I'd love to hear from you 😘.



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